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Tim Anderson got the Sonic rings knocked out of him

Anderson learned the hard way that you can’t lose fights you started 7 seconds in

It’s been seven years since the last true MLB fight between two players where a punch actually connected, but at long last, we have a real MLB fight.

Chicago White Sox SS Tim Anderson and Cleveland Guardians 3B Jose Ramirez got into a bit of a fracas during their game on Saturday. The resulting donnybrook ended with Ramirez getting the win and Anderson possibly becoming the funniest meme of the MLB season. Let’s break it down, major frame by major frame. Here’s the full video of the play and the resulting brouhaha.

Ok so here’s the first frame. Ramirez is sliding into second base and Anderson goes to tag him. It looks like Ramirez took offense to how Anderson tried to tag him out because he got up and immediately started jawing at Anderson.

At this point, Anderson escalates the activity. This could’ve all been avoided but no, Anderson had to take initiative. I have no idea what was said, but clearly Anderson did not like it because he immediately drops the gloves and puts his dukes up.

This is when we should’ve known that Anderson either A) cannot fight or B) did not actually want to fight. Nobody puts their dukes up like that anymore unless you’re acting like you can fight and you can’t or you just really don’t want these problems. I’m guessing it’s the first choice.

Objectively, this is the funniest photo of the MLB season. Anderson has his hands up like Pops from Friday, and Ramirez has his left hand low and right hand close to the chin. The umpire got outta dodge immediately, so shits about to go DOWN.

This is the first critical breaking point of the fight. Anderson misses the punch wildly (looking at his season numbers, not a surprise he swung and missed), and then his teammates go to restrain him. This is a problem for Anderson because now Ramirez can swing wildly and Anderson really can’t.

Which naturally leads to this:

Followed by this:

Look man, you can’t start the fight, take the gloves off and go all 1920’s boxer only to get put on your butt by a wild swing. Anderson must have a glass jaw or Ramirez has hands of stone that a random swing can knock him down so easily.

Twitter naturally roasted Anderson for getting his jaw rocked, and it was hilarious:

This really might be the funniest thing that’s happened this year in the MLB. Anderson squaring up only to get the Sonic rings knocked out of him mere seconds later is just hilarious, and another notch in the Chicago White Sox’s season from hell.