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Tim Anderson is tweeting through it after knockout punch by Jose Ramirez

Tim Anderson had a bizarre string of tweets after getting knocked out by Jose Ramirez in a baseball fight for the ages.

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Chicago White Sox SS Tim Anderson has had a rough 48 hours.

Scratch that.

Chicago White Sox SS Tim Anderson has had a rough year, and the last 48 hours have just made it even worse. He’s batting a career low .244 and has only hit one home run this year.

On top of that, Anderson got absolutely DELETED by Guardians 3B Jose Ramirez in a viral brawl that saw Anderson get the Sonic rings knocked out of him seven seconds after initiating the fight.

So yeah it hasn’t been the best few days for Anderson, who very oddly has gone from one of the league’s fan favorite stars to a guy a lot of people don’t like.

Anderson took to Twitter in order to defend himself/tweet through it, which is something you should always do when you become the main character on Twitter, no notes at all. Nothing wrong has ever happened to the person who has become the main character on Twitter.

Here’s another look at the punch that knocked out Anderson:

Yeah it’s a very very long string of tweets by Anderson, and him just trying to get back some sort of normalcy after what happened. I feel kinda bad for Anderson, seeing these tweets, but of course, Twitter showed no mercy.

Yeah it’s kinda been a downward spiral for Anderson since the punch heard around the world, but hopefully he and the White Sox can pull themselves out of the slump.

What we all have to learn from this is: never tweet through it. It just makes things worse.