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Steph Curry’s overtime prayer in one of the best regular season games ever needs a deep rewind

Bang! Bang!

A deep rewind of a regular season game? Have we run out of ideas? Nope, don’t worry, it’s just that this regular season game ruled.

With Kevin Durant’s free agency looming, the OKC Thunder were more or less desperate to prove they were title threats ASAP. Thus telling Durant: no need to leave, you can reach great success here at home! With your friend Russell Westbrook!

And the Thunder were doing pretty well, at the time of this game, late February, they were the best rebounding team in the league and the second highest scoring team in the league.

Who was the highest scoring team? You’re really gonna make me answer that? Fine, it was the Warriors. The very team that was reportedly the top contender to land Durant if he left OKC in free agency.

In the 2016 season, the reigning champion Golden State Warriors were on a tear better than all other tears before it. They were 52-5. That’s right: in late February they had only lost five games. Which means they were on pace to beat Michael Jordan’s ‘96 Bulls record-best season of 72 wins. The Warriors had already set the record for best start by going 24-0, completely destroying the previous record of 15-0, held by Hakeem Olajuwon’s ‘94 Rockets.

So yeah, it’s a regular season game, but there are stakes involved. For the Thunder, a win would make them a title threat and could go a long way in convincing KD to stay. For the Warriors, a win would suggest they don’t have any real competition in this league.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of disgustingly good shooting, Curry and Durant don’t disappoint.

An overtime war, decided in the final seconds. Welcome to a moment in history.