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Phil Mickelson vehemently denies Ryder Cup betting bombshell, responds to Billy Walters’ gambling allegations

Phil Mickelson has responded to Billy Walters’ bombshell book excerpt, which was released Thursday ahead of its release on Aug. 23.

Phil Mickelson, LIV Golf, PIF Saudi International, Billy Walters
AL MUROOJ, Saudi Arabia — Phil Mickelson talks to the media during a practice round prior to the PIF Saudi International at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club on January 31, 2023.
Photo by Luke Walker/WME IMG/WME IMG via Getty Images

Earlier Thursday, the Fire Pit Collective released an excerpt from Billy Walters’ new book, Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk.

Within this excerpt, Walters alleges that Phil Mickelson wagered $1 billion over the past three decades.

He also noted that Mickelson approached him about betting on the 2012 Ryder Cup, which Mickelson played in.

After playing in a LIV Golf Pro-Am event at Trump Bedminster Thursday, Mickelson responded to these allegations.

“I never bet on the Ryder Cup,” his statement reads, provided by Evin Priest of Golf Digest Australia. “While it is well known that I always enjoy a friendly wager on the course, I would never undermine the integrity of the game.”

“I have also been very open about my gambling addiction. I have previously conveyed my remorse, took responsibility, have gotten help, have been fully committed to therapy that has positively impacted me and I feel good about where I am now.”

Walters alleges that Mickelson wanted to put a $400,000 wager down on Team USA to win the Ryder Cup.

He also claims he talked Mickelson out of the idea, asking him, “Are you f***ing crazy?” per the excerpt.

Mickelson denies betting on the Ryder Cup, something Walters never claimed he went through with. Yet, Mickelson does not deny he gambled, nor does he dispute any of the figures that Walters provided.

Walters notes that Mickelson has lost $100 million over the past three decades, including $143,500 in one day in June 2011.

Jack Milko is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. You can follow him on Twitter @jack_milko for more golf coverage. Be sure to check out @_PlayingThrough too.