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MJF throwing dodgeballs at children is the best AEW segment of the year

The MJF-Adam Cole bromance has led to amazing TV

Ever since the friendship of Adam Cole and current AEW champion MJF began, the television has been very, very fun. From getting matching jackets to Adam Cole surprising MJF with a special mashup of both their theme songs, AEW fans have been very sports entertained by the entire storyline.

The storyline hit a comedic peak on Wednesday, when Cole took MJF to a trampoline park to celebrate their match against each other at AEW All In: London. MJF clearly was not vibing with it as Adam Cole had the time of his life bouncing on the trampolines (he just like me fr). However, when Cole tells him there’s dodgeball here, that’s when the fun begins.

MJF gets off some amazing one liners while he’s obliterating these small children with dodgeballs. Some of my favorites: “Hey you! I slept with your mom,” and “Guess what? I’m your dad!”

The television in this entire feud/friendship has been hilarious, and it’s made MJF so much more fun as a champion. Adam Cole has been the perfect foil for MJF, and even the live promos rock.

This is the only Hulk Hogan reference I want to see in 2023. Everything else can go away.

I just know the eventual break up of this team is going to hurt, but before we get to that point, let’s enjoy this super fun television.