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This Jordan Addison preseason catch was so unreal that refs didn’t think it was possible

What an catch!

Something is in the water when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings wide receivers. The team just keeps managing to find talent at the position, and it’s far too early to anoint Jordan Addison as a “great one,” but damn if this moment on Thursday night wasn’t impressive as hell.

It’s a little difficult to see from the traditional broadcast angle, but get closer and this toe drag was a work of art worthy of the Football Louvre (a museum I just invented).

The play was called incomplete, but that’s irrelevant because the officials got it wrong. The only thing we can suppose is that they didn’t think it was possible for a rookie to match this kind of catch, at this speed, in his first game.

This is one of those plays you see a wily 10-year veteran make, not someone playing in his first NFL game with live fire. Outside of this moment Addison finished with one catch for 22 yards, but it should be noted that he played with a Vikings offense that benched all its top players. Nick Mullens took the lion’s share of snaps under center, and it goes without saying that in an actual game Addison will be able to really shine when defenses are having to focus on Justin Jefferson.

The hype is real, and we can tamper expectations a little, but hoo boy does Addison look good already.