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Johnny Manziel never watched film, had someone pee for him, and there was even a fake heart attack scheme

This documentary is WILD.

The new Johnny Manziel documentary UNTOLD: Johnny Football released on Netflix this week, and it’s wilder than you could possibly imagine. It’s a fascinating look at how Manziel’s career (and life) went off the rails, and we’re learning some astonishing things.

Easily the biggest moment that’s catching people’s attention right now is when his agent, Erik Burkhardt, revealed that Manziel never watched tape ... ever. Not a game, not a play, not a second ... nothing.

Of course this was after Manziel made it to the NFL. Before he stepped foot on a field it was even more wild, because once again Manziel’s agent outlines how he had to devise a detailed rollout plan for the NFL Combine because he knew Manziel wouldn’t pass a drug test.

The plan went a little something like this:

  1. Manziel would fly into Indianapolis, showing the league he wasn’t afraid of the process
  2. Before interviews and drug tests his dad would fake a heart attack, causing Manziel to fly home and be a family man
  3. He’d get clean and reschedule private interviews with the teams

This would create positive hype around Manziel, rather than risking him blowing up his career before it began. Also, note that Manziel’s agent casually notes that that his client had a fourth-string QB pee for him to pass college drug tests — a charge that Texas A&M hasn’t responded to at this time.

When it finally came time to give teams a private workout there wasn’t a receiver for Manziel to throw to, so his agent stepped in and it was a mess. You can read all about that here, because the details are too incredible.

UNTOLD: Johnny Football is airing on Netflix now, and there’s bound to be tremendous fallout from the documentary.