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Carson Wentz’s Mad Libs workout fit

Carson Wentz is still working out, and looking for a job

NFL training camps are well underway, but one former first-round quarterback is still looking for a job.

And going about it in a somewhat curious way.

Carson Wentz, the former first-round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles, remains unsigned while all 32 teams are in training camp. But Wentz is still putting in the work, keeping himself ready should the right offer come through.

However, as he shared on Instagram a photo of him hard at work, it also served as a reminder of his past. Wentz could be seen with an Eagles helmet, a Washington Commanders jersey, and a pair of Indianapolis Colts athletic shorts:

You can probably look at this photo one of two ways. On the glass-half-full side of the ledger, it is a reminder that Wentz was a first-round pick and that three different teams were willing to give him a shot.

On the glass-half-empty side of the ledger, it also serves as a reminder of how each of those three stops ended.

Further still, some NFC East fans might be horrified at the sight of an Eagles helmet alongside a Commanders jersey.

Working in Wentz’s favor is the fact that teams are always looking to upgrade their quarterback rooms, and as preseason games begin, there might be opportunities for him with a few different franchises. There is also the ever-present injury factor, which could open up a spot — or more — for Wentz over the next few weeks.

Which could give him another article of clothing to add to his future workout fits.

Until then, however, maybe he can work this hat and jacket combination into the ensemble.