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Caitlin Clark got a BUTTER SCULPTURE at the Iowa State Fair

This is so Iowa it hurts.

Caitlin Clark is an Iowa sporting icon, and what happens at the Iowa State Fair when you’re an icon? YOU GET A BUTTER SCULPTURE!

This is so beautifully poetic. Clark toasts her opposition during the season, and is spread on it before the next. Hundreds of pounds of rich creamery butter were used in the sculpture, which will remain on display during the Iowa State Fair alongside another former state star: Quarterback Kurt Warner.

There’s no word what happens to Butter Clark after the fair is over. On the one hand I feel like there should probably be a state-wide toast breakfast to eat the sculpture, but then I think about how much dust and gunk is getting lodged in the butter every second it stands exposed in an exhibition hall.

You know what? Forget that noise. I would absolutely spread some butter from a sculpture and eat it. Ingesting some weird foreign material is just part of the experience.